Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Budget special


Now we've all woken up after what was a very dull hour or so the bones of the budget can be picked over. See here...

My concern is, that my mind and that of Nick Clegg seemed to be temporarily aligned. At 12.56 I blogged with Nick Robinson that Brown was an amazing ventriloquist and that I could hardly see his chin waggling. Barely an hour later, up stands Clegg and comments on Brown's ventriloquism skills. Almost word for word, although the Hon. member was much more polite than I was. Perhaps he reads the blog.

I thought Darling delivered the budget without passion, although there was not much to be passionate about. It almost looked as if he was reading it for the first time, but I'm sure Gordon had showed him a copy before today.

One might have expected Cameron to launch an offensive against Mr Darling but instead he chose to eloquently pick holes on the Budget and expose the naughty details Darling left out of his speak. It was a measured response from Cameron, who obviously hoped his indignation with the figures would speak for itself. Brown and Darling sat pulling a variety of faces from the government bench but they failed to knock Cameron off his stride.

Clegg slipped slightly from his PMQs performance but he made a few decent points. Not that anyone was listening.

The government didn't really have a lot to play with today and didn't do a bad job of covering that up. We shall see the fall out over the coming days.

Just peered from my window and the sun is shining, I better go and mend the roof.

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