Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Dispatch of the Day - 26th March 2008

I can't believe it. Cameron goes on the economy and doesn't suffer a crashing defeat.

The first question is on the FSA and it's recent damning report. Should the Bank of England take the lead Captain Cameron asks? Brown responds by saying the FSA has done a good job, but also needs to improve. He also quotes Frederick Forsyth who says Cameron has 'no basic grasp of arithmetic'. Pretty pathetic in my eyes, and Cameron agrees.

So Mr Brown, can you name 1 other major country that has responded to the economic downturn by putting up taxes? Nope. Another chance for Cameron to suggest that Britain should have been putting something away while times were good. We're investing, claims Brown. Cameron's next attack is on the price rises people see on milk, eggs, petrol et al. So this is it Gordon, your big chance to slam Cameron and the Tories over their economic record. Open goal.....and he fires wide! Brown claims the Tories want to cut tax to the tune of £10bn and will follow the same model as they did in 1992. And who prey tell was an economic advisor during that dark time in the 90s? Captain Cameron. Surely you can do better than that Gordon? Cameron jumps straight back up, and the theme of 'Brown won't answer the question' comes back into play. To demonstrate his mastery of basic arithmetic Cameron scoffs 'One prime minister plus one chancellor equals economic incompetence'. Brown hits back with a jibe about slogans over substance but he must know in his heart that he has messed this one up a bit. He said all the right things about unemployment, recession and interest rates and so on but he failed to make anything of it. I honestly can't believe this opportunity to slam Cameron has been lost so cheaply.

So, no news here today. Brown doesn't like answering questions or admitting he was wrong. The Tories were in power the last time the economy went belly up and favour slogans over substance.

Better again from Clegg, although he was again swatted away a little to easily. Nice questions on home repossessions I thought.

Result 1 - 1

I can hardly believe it.

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