Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Dispatch of the Day - 2nd April 2008

The Captains are away for the week so we'll count this one as a friendly.

Harman is in for the Reds, Hague for the Blues and a welcome return for Captain Cable!

An easy one on Zimbabwe to start the lady off and an easy one from Hague allows her to get her retaliation in first with a jibe at Theresa May. So, the gloves are off but presumably the stab vest remains. Hague’s repost about wearing a clown suit to cabinet meetings is a good one but if all the 2 stand-ins are going to do is woodenly trade jokes then this is going to be dull.

And so it is.

Blah cap....blah blah....basic rate of tax...blah blah....remember what it was like under the Tories....zzzzzz...labour is out of we're not.

Hague is well off form and Harman is wooden and unable to cope with anything slightly off brief.

Vince Cable's contribution turns the whole thing to farce.

Poor show all round

Result 0 - 0

I'm sure there will be commentators who claim a brilliant victory for Harriet and those who claim she was flat. I don't suppose once the day is out, either side will want to remember this session.

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