Thursday, 8 May 2008

Dispatch of the Day - 7th May 2008

So we start with Bendy Wendy. What will the less than Bendy Brown have to say about her recent statements? Ignore the question? Skirt around the issue? Not a chance, he seems to have heard something completely different to the rest of us so has no problem denying that she has called for an early referendum. Wasn't expecting that, even from Brown. Cameron gladly accepts this open goal, brown is 'losing touch with reality' he says and proceeds to quote Ms Alexander and add a nice jibe about no one following Gordon Brown.

Prisons next and the Post Offices and the point here being to prove that Brown doesn't listen (following on from last week where he refused to listen to the former director of Public Prosecutions). Brown sluggishly hauls himself to the Dispatch box after every question but Cameron springs up eagerly after every reply. You can see which one is enjoying today. Cameron's parting gifts to Brown are rants about the lack of leadership and vision of the Labour party and a bit of personal abuse to boot.

Cameron really piled the pressure on today and scored some decent goals. Brown finished in a stronger fashion than he started but the damage was already done. His response to the questions on Bendy Wendy really defied belief. Nick Robinson calls it 'Brownspeak', I have another word for it, also beginning with B.

Result 1 - 3

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