Friday, 23 May 2008

Dispatch of the Day - 21st May 2008

Once again Cameron begins with Burma, but there is a by-election coming up and the niceties are soon dispensed with.

The theme today, Captain Brown won’t answer the question. And true to form, on the issue of whether the £2.7b to help those affected in the scrapping of the 10p tax band will continue next year. Brown hits back, albeit rather weakly, by asking Cameron what the Tories would do. Quite an annoying tactic.

Captain Cameron also teases Brown over his absence from the by-election campaign. His attacks are less effective than in previous weeks and although Brown was irritated I think this was a wasted opportunity. Brown gets his soundbite out at the end “get by without substance for some of the time but he'll never get by without substance all of the time” and scores a consolation goal. Sadly for Brown, the Tories are going to win the by-election and next week Cameron will be insufferable.

Result 2 – 1

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