Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dispatch of the Day - 4th June 2008

So, we're back from our little break...refreshed and ready to go?

Well, Cameron was.

A well rounded attack on the PM today from Cameron covering U-turns, weakness, lack of respect from ministers and lack of honesty. The most repeated word at the beginning of the onslaught - TAX. Cameron said it a lot. Cameron went strongly on the new car taxes which will hit vehicles up to 7 years old. A good recipe for a goal, take a public already smarting over petrol prices and suggest the government is going to sting them again over car tax. Now sit back and watch Brown dig himself a hole, periodically stirring the pot with claims of dodgy figures and jibes about how out of touch he is with the public and how his own government thinks the idea is stupid. Easy.

The PM for his part stumbled over his joke about Cameron's bicycle and his similarity to a used car salesman. His points about Cameron shying away from a painful green tax merely served to remind everyone that this retrospective green tax is not helpful for families trying to run a car. Weak, really weak today.

The 42 day argument notable by it's absence today.

Result 0 - 3

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