Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Results catch up December 2007

5th December
Back to trust again this week. The Committee on Standards in Public Life gets a mention, as does the Lord Whitty inquiry. More Cameron repetition on the subject of Captain Brown’s promises. The big question on defence fails to land a killer blow, although he raises a good point about the part time defence secretary. Lots of emotive language from Captain Cameron and more references to broken promises. The question on jail places follows in a similar vein. It has to be said that Captain Brown performed well today and batted off the disparate attacks from Cameron. Has the blue PMQs juggernaut faltered as we reach the end of 2007?

Could Captain Cameron be leaving his goal open with questions on party funding. Their own Roman Abramovich(s) may be brought up and reluctance to have an open debate may be challenged more thoroughly.

Lacklustre match today, is it Christmas yet?

Result: 1 - 1

12th December
The last fixture of this year, will the police pay issue be a feature today? Perhaps not as we don‘t know what the new blue budget has in store for them.

Indeed not. Kosovo is up first and for once the Punch and Judy is dispensed with. Well done chaps. During the half time interval Captain Cable signs off the year with a timely reminder of the Government’s failings, not least Northern Rock or the 25 million lost details. A very witty repost to the Captain Brown’s snide comments about the Lib Dem’s leadership seals his place in my parliamentary hall of fame.

Early in the second half the issue of police pay is raised by a blue squad player. Reasonably dealt with by Captain Brown and as Captain Cameron remains in his seat there is no chance for him to face questions on the subject. When he does arise his remaining questions are used to attack Captain Brown personally, listing failures and quoting from Brown ‘friendly’ sources. A decent attempt to define Captain Brown’s year for those writing such reviews in the media. Brown sees him off fairly well with (some would say) robust claims of ‘no substance’ and both score sound bite goals. Again a little better from Captain Brown but still not a patch on Former Captain Blair.

Merry Christmas

Result: 1 -1

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