Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Results catch up January 2008

9th January
So, 12pm Wednesday, no changing of the fixture for television. David Beckham has been to Downing Street this week, helping my little football analogy a bit.

To business and we start with ID cards of all things. Perhaps Captain Cameron is seeking to carry the last of his 2007 momentum into the new year. Will they be made compulsory? Will they? Will they? No straight answers from Captain Brown, maybe because of the sensitivity over the reds record on data protection. This leaves Captain Brown slightly on the back foot.

Second half and the Bank of England and the economy gets an outing, although its more about slating Brown’s character than anything else. We shall see in coming weeks whether the economy gets more attention, it will depend on what happens across the pond. Bit of a let down today, no goals scored on either side.

Welcome to Captain Clegg, decent start from the young man. No calamities.

Result: 0 - 0

16th January
Nick Robinson gives a nice summing up of the quandary facing the reds at the moment. I would be surprised if this doesn’t feature as the main thrust of Captain Cameron’s attack today. The taxpayer’s money angle is the one to take, how much capital can the blues make?

Peter Hain may also find himself publicly questioned (as he has in Welsh Questions) but this time with a less than convincing Brown defending him.

It is the Rock that gets the attention, Captain Cameron pressing hard for conformation of the figures involved, something Captain Brown cannot bring himself to confirm. He retorts with more questions for Cameron, which we saw last week also. Not convincing at all Gordon, smacks of indecision (or dithering if you wished to be unkind) over which route to take to resolve the problem that sees many many millions of tax payers pounds committed. This is a bit issue for both teams and neither wants to commit too much until they feel they have the knock out blow, a new black Wednesday for the blues or a solution from the reds. Let us not yet mention the N word.

Result: 1 - 2

A look at the table and we see the Blues under Captain Cameron are well ahead, will Brown's growing confidence at the dispatch box help redress the scores or will Northern Rock (and anything else that may go wrong) keep the Reds fighting fires till the summer.

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